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#1 TravelHacks: 10 useful travel hacks you must know

April 14, 2015
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We are delighted to announce that we are starting our new blog series of TravelHacks, which will be a helpful tool for you to go hand in hand with, while planning the trip and also throughout your journey. Every week we shall be bringing you handy travel hacks and tips that will make your entire travel experience slightly more special and smooth. Beneath, find our top 10 hacks for you to get going with.

1. Roll your clothes

luggage, baggage, packing, roll, clothes

Instead of folding the clothes try rolling them and then fitting into the baggage to create more room. This will save you plenty of space and enable you to fit some extra clothes in your baggage. To save some extra space, you may even stuff your shoes with socks and underwear.

2. Book flights for Wednesday or Thursday

wednesday, thursday, cheap, flights, departure day

 Statistics say that the flights with departure dates on either Wednesday or Thursday are the cheapest and the ones on Mondays and Sundays – the most expensive. If you want to save some money, go ahead and book your flights on these days.

3. Scan your Identification cards

passport, driver licence, ID, scan, loss

 Before beginning your journey make sure to scan your Identification cards (passport, driver’s licence etc.) and flight information. This way, in the event of loss or theft you will have a copy on your smartphone or tablet to prove to the border service.

4. Find the best seats with SeatGuru

seatguru, best seats, good, flight, comfortable

Enter all necessary information about the flight, such as airline, time and date of departure and reveal the precise outlook of the aircraft you will be flying with. SeatGuru will advise you on the best seats and on the ones to avoid. The site offers seat advice, ratings and all information you need.

5. Mark your baggage fragile

fragile, baggage, luggage, sign

 This clever trick will certainly keep your baggage safe, as when it contains the sign ‘Fragile’, it is carefully handled and put on top of others. Apart from that, your baggage will be one of the first to appear on the baggage belt, which will keep you away from tiresome anticipation after a tedious flight.

6. Use Private Tab while searching

private tab, window, browser, cheap

Many airline websites track your search history to charge higher prices. This magic tool of opening a window in a ‘private’ or ‘incognito’ mode in your browser will not remember the sites visited by you and prevent any attempts of the airlines imposing higher rates.

7. Pick a seat next to the wing

plane, wing seat, fleet, turbulence

 Are you vulnerable to turbulences and feel uneasy? Then we advise you to pick the seat next to the window, for it is the place least exposed to the turbulence.

8. Use airports’ WiFi for free

free wifi, no charge, airport

 Some of the airports ask cosmic fees to pay for WiFi access. Avoid these expenses by simply adding “?.jpg” at the end of the web url and enjoy surfing the web at no cost.

9. Rent a house

house, airbnb, cheap, apartment

 Sometimes hotels may come about to be very costly. Renting a house at the destination of your choice most of the times will appear to be less costly and some houses may even have facilities that hotels don’t offer. Airbnb and HomeAway are the most popular and approved examples of these among the resourceful travellers.

10. Make use of TSA Accepted Locks 

tsa lock, safe, baggage

 Many people prefer to put a lock on their checked baggages to keep their belongings safe. Nevertheless, if you put a simple lock on your baggage you are at risk that the officers will break it open. Therefore, we recommend you to put a TSA Approved Lock, as it could easily be disclosed with a TSA Universal key.

 Stay tuned for our next series of TravelHacks!

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