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10 of the Most Mind-blowing Mountain Ranges in the World

May 20, 2015
mountain, colorado, usa

Deciding on which mountains to incorporate in my list gave me a hard time, for every continent, country has an innumerable amount of these natural jewels. The shortlist of these impressive mountains doesn’t simply end with Everest or Kilimanjaro. We have hand-picked 10 other breathtaking mountain ranges all over the world for you. Oh, and before you start marvelling at these beautiful ranges, the highest mountain of our solar system is found on Mars – Olympus Mons (27 km!!).

10. McKinley, USA
mckinley, usa, snowy
9. Himalayas, Asia
himalaya, snowy, asia
8. Matterhorn, Switzerland
matterhorn, Switzerland, snowy
7. Andes, South America
Andes, snowy, South America
6. Pyrenees, Spain
pyrenees mountains, france, spain
5. Grand Teton, USA
grand teton, national park, usa
4. Banff Mountains, Canada
Banff, river, Canada
3. Elbrus, Russia
elbrus, snowy, russia
2. Mount Cook, New Zealand
mount cook, new zealand, snowy
1. Drakensberg, South Africa

drakensberg, mountain, south africa

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Nijad Nazarli

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