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#2 TravelHacks: How to make your next stay at the airport more convenient

April 23, 2015

This is the second edition of our TravelHacks series! Learn more about smart traveling and the best tips and tricks around your journey.

1. Use the MyTSA app to find the shortest security line

Are you tired of waiting in the line for ages until all vacation goers and families with children have passed the security check? Be smart and find the shortest line by using the MyTSA app.

security line, app, travel hack

2. Find a place right outside an airline club lounge

Why should you do so? To make use of the free WiFi in the lounge! Passwords are usually not that tricky, so try passwords like “thankyou” or the name of the airline. This is the ultimate key to unlimited browsing and effective travel preparation.

business lounge, airport, wifi

3. Roll back your laptop’s clock for more time on the airport WiFi

If the airport grants you just one hour of free WiFi, fool the system, roll back the integrated laptop clock by one hour right before you time would be up and get another hour of free WiFi! Just don’t fool yourself and miss your flight in the end because you relied on the fake time.

clock, wifi, macbook

4. Create your personal departure and arrival board

Keep track of your own arrival and departure times with the handy tool “FlightBoard”. The days when you had to leave your hard-won seat to are over! Check the status of your connecting flight conveniently 0n your phone, tablet 0r laptop.

airport, departure, arrival

5.  Avoid overweight fees

If you throw all your overweight stuff in a huge  shopping bag from one of the numerous airport gift shops, the airline can’t charge you any overweight fees. If you still have too much stuff, consider buying an extra trolley at the airport instead of paying the overweight baggage  charges. You might be still better off!

suitcase, packing, travel hack

6. Carry an outlet splitter

Why? Most importantly to make new friends and secondly to be able to charge your phone when 5 people are fighting for one outlet. Your splitter definitely comes in handy and you will be the hero for everyone!

Socket, phone, travel hack

7. Use the online check-in option

Online check-in enables you to choose you favorite seats, sit next to your friends and  to avoid long, annoying lines at the check-in counter.

check in, airport, travel hack

8. Snag a free baggage cart

You brought 2 suitcases, one beauty case, and a handbag? This is obviously too much to handle on your own. However, you don’t feel like paying for a luggage cart. So why don’t you just swipe one of the  just-used luggage carts?

Carts, luggage, travel hack

9. Carry an empty plastic water bottle

Airports are commonly an expensive territory. Thus, save your travel pocket money for better things and don’t waste it on a ridiculously overpriced bottle of water. Bring an empty plastic bottle to the airport, pass the security check and refill it in a washing room in the transit area.

water, bottle, travel hack

10. Take a photo of your luggage before checking in your suitcases

In case your luggage gets lost, a photo of your suitcase will facilitate the identification.

Suitcase, photo, travel hack

 Stay tuned #3 TravelHacks is coming next week! blog.paperflies.com

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