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#3 TravelHacks: Best Free Travel Apps To Have On Your Smartphone

April 28, 2015
travel hacks, app, mobile, travel app, iphone

We all need handy apps that provide quick solutions for planning, organising and accessing necessary information while on vacation. Even though many would want to opt for staying away from their smartphones, there is no denying that they are very practical. In our next TravelHacks series we bring you 10 best most useful free travel apps that will transform your smartphones into invaluable companions.

1. My eVault
my evault, store, documents, travel app, travel hacks

My eVault is an app that enables you to store any kinds of personal inventory and travel documents. Save a copy of your valuable documents like passport, driver’s licence, loyalty cards close to you to be able to access them on any occasion. This app also lets you save the copies of receipts and warranties of purchases you make.

2.Google Maps
google maps, navigation, travel app, travel hacks

The time, when we were scrambling with troublesome fold-out maps is behind us. Google Maps has it all; this navigation app incorporates the features such as traffic updates, 360-degree street view (in case if the street view is not clear enough) and GPS navigation. No internet data? You can download the maps you need in the hotel you stay or any internet café and use them offline.

3. TripIttripit, travel app, travel hacks

TripIt is an ultimate travel planner app. If you booked your flight ticket, hotel stay, car rental or restaurant online, you may simply forward the confirmations to plans@tripit.com and TripIt will do the rest or you! The app will create an itinerary/plan for you, which both will be adjustable online and accessible offline.

4. TravelSmarttravel smart, travel app, travel hacks

 If things go terribly wrong on vacation, TravelSmart is a first source to turn to. TravelSmart is an app that provides local emergency numbers and details of the nearest hospitals. Besides, with this app you may also look up the names of drugs and find first aid terms that might be indispensable.

5. Uberuber, taxi, service, travel app, travel hacks

Uber is an app that offers taxi services ‘at the push of a button’. Once you enter the requested details and match with the driver, his photo and details will appear. The payment can also be made via credit card. This service is functioning in 130 cities and 44 countries around the world and might come handy when you are abroad on holiday.

6. iStone TraveliStone Travel, translator, languages, travel app, travel hacks

 Perhaps speaking some basic local language might be convenient. Yet, sometimes it is rather tricky to express oneself in indigenous language. Thus, iStone Travel Translation app comes to the rescue. The app empowers you to translate sentences and then play them. The difference is that you can do this all while being offline.

7. TripAdvisortripadvisor, reviews, travel app, travel hacks

When it comes to the attraction and accommodation reviews, there is no doubt that TripAdvisor is the best in practice. The only drawback of the app is that all of the information and reviews may only be accessed using WiFi or internet data.

8. XE Currencyxe currency, convertor, travel app, travel hacks

XE Currency is a basic, yet very user-friendly converter that you will certainly need while on holiday. Trust me,  you would not want to convert 5,433,238 Indonesian Rupiah into dollars manually.

9. Last Minute Travel Deals
last minute travel deals, cheap, travel app, travel hacks

Last Minute Travel Deals is a gem for genuinely spontaneous travellers. Win cheap deals on flight tickets, car rentals, hotels and various travel activities.

10. AirHelpairhelp, laws, regulations, airlines, travel app, travel hacks

Every year millions of travellers are entitled to the monetary compensation following the delays and cancellations without being aware of that. AirHelp assists travellers in filing complaints; the lawyers on board of the company take the airline providers to the court and with 90% of winning rate they take a share of 25%.



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