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6 Reasons to Start Packing for a Visit to Myanmar Right Now

May 19, 2015
Bagan, Myanmar, temple

 The fusion of the past and the future has never been as enchanting as it is now in Myanmar. Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar is often overlooked by backpackers in favour of countries like Vietnam and Thailand. It goes without saying that those who dismiss Myanmar miss out on one fabulous country. By the time you finish viewing these 6 reasons to visit Myanmar, you will have realised that you should start packing your backpack right now.

1. Peoplepeople, monk, friendly

Burmese people are believed to be extremely kind and welcoming. Possibly this is due to the Asian hospitality or even has to do with their Buddhist background. Anyhow, people there will make you feel at home and warm. People in Myanmar are ready to go to extremes to help you out if you are lost or simply to practise their English skills.

2. Sunsets and Sunrisestemple, bagan, myanmar

 Make sure to have enough memory on your phone and camera, because you certainly will not be left unmoved by the majestic dawn and sunset sceneries of Myanmar. In this country you will become a very skilled photographer.

3. Temples and Pagodasgolden temple, yangon, myanmar

 These spectacular ancient temples and pagodas, some of which date back to 11th and 12th centuries, are symbols of Myanmar. One of the most prominent cities – Bagan is a city of temples, where tourists are outnumbered by temples. Covered with numerous gilded plates, the temples are tremendous and are sure to grant you a memorable experience.

4. It’s affordableballoon, myanmar, bagan

 Although staying at the hotel may turn out to be costly, transportation, restaurants and other services are extremely cheap in Myanmar. To give you an impression, one-hour massage session will cost you around 3 EUR. Also, take with you a lot of cash, as ATMs are an utter scarcity in Myanmar.

5. Myanmar Beachesngapali, myanmar, beach

 Myanmar’s coastline is incredibly rich in fascinating, pristine beaches. Ngapali Beach, which is beyond any doubts the most fabulous beach in Myanmar, is amongst the best beaches of the world.

6. Foodfood, rice, myanmar

The cuisine of Myanmar is excellent and second to none. It mainly comprises steamed vegetables, rice, fish and is extremely delicious. Another quality of Myanmarese cuisine: it’s inexpensive. Make sure you do not eat with your left hand though, as this hand is used for other purposes.

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