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#6 TravelHacks: 5 Invaluable Backpacking Tips

May 26, 2015
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Travelling the world is a dream for a number of young travellers and tourists. Backpacking is considered to be one of the most efficient and cheapest ways of seeing the world. Needless to say that your body will also benefit from this way of travelling. Our next #TravelHacks series will help you make your next backpacking trip more pleasant.

1. Leave valuable things at homebackpacking, packing, valuables

Make sure you pack rationally and carry on with you only things you will certainly need. There is absolutely no need to take with you expensive necklaces, or 500 EUR watches presented to you by your father on a backpacking journey. Also, take heed of a backpack you choose. Obviously, purchase one that is capable of fitting more and weighing less.

2. Book a hostel with kitchen
backpacking, hostel, travelling

If you are planning a long-lasting backpacking journey, consider staying in hostels. Particularly, try to find hostels with kitchen as this will save you considerable amount of money. Free breakfasts will also do a good turn.

3. Get a train passtrain, travel, cheap

Often purchasing train tickets for rides through a number of countries at wholesale allows you to save more money. So if you wish to travel across a handful of countries in either Asia or Europe, getting one is a must for you.

4. Walk, walk, walkbackpacker, walking, dog

  As a rule, backpacking involves a great deal of walking and that is extremely good for your well-being. Avoiding taxis and opting for walking will also save you a lot of money. In case if something is out of reach by foot, you can take public transport, which is normally inexpensive compared to taxis.

5. Read up on backpacking and destinationbackpackers, travel, backpacks

 Being well read in the living costs and conditions, languages spoken and passport information of the selected destination is of paramount importance. Besides, Backpacker Advice provides all necessary and valuable information for backpackers.

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