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Captivating Rome

February 10, 2015
Roman forum, Rome, Architecture

They say all the roads lead to Rome. And indeed, this spectacular city is one of the most-visited european capitals. But what is so appealing, attractive in this city that visitors are addicted to it? There is a number of reasons why, and to count them all is beyond any bounds of possibility. Yet, it’s worthwhile to know some of them. Discover them below.

trevi fountain, rome, architecture

Trevi Fountain, Rome

First of all, fabulously romantic atmosphere that reigns there. Many cultural centres in the world may brag about this dignity, nevertheless, Rome has its own special place on the list. The spirit of masterpieces, romance and love – all soar in the air. Ancient houses, narrow streets, round squares, variety of cafes, extremely melodious language, fountains, fashionable boutiques and very amicable people – altogether shape the entire enthusiasm and splendour of the city.

piazza navona, rome, italy, architecture

Piazza Navona, Rome

Secondly, the most delicious cuisine in the whole world. Pasta and ice-cream, wine and pizza, variety of cheeses and many more. Nowhere, but in Italy alone you may taste these divine dishes. Needless to say, to the delight of gourmets, in the capital city there is an extensive choice of different sorts of dishes. The elegance of gourmets, simple, but very delicious food won’t leave anyone unmoved.

colosseum, rome, architecture, italy

Colosseum, Rome

Thirdly, enormous amount of monuments of global significance. It’s difficult to overestimate the contribution of Italians to the evolution of world culture and architecture. To be convinced of this, it’s enough to turn up on one of the central stations of Rome, say Termini, and wander through the streets of the city. Literally, at every step you take you will come across to the more or less prominent historical, architectural or cultural monuments. Colosseum, Vatican, Capitoline Hill – the list is endless. Sometimes even locals don’t have enough time to see all this splendour.

st.peter's cathedral, basilica, rome

St.Peter’s Cathedral

 There are many more reasons to visit this magnificent city. Everyone sees the city from his or her own perspective. And the city also hosts every other guest in its own way. Therefore, it’s difficult to predict what you will like the city for. You have to be there to feel it.

More information can be found in our PaperGuide about Rome and on our website.

Nijad Nazarli

Country Manager for Russia at PaperFlies. Studying Tourism Management in Amsterdam. Loves football.

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