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Changi Airport – The World’s fanciest Airport

January 15, 2015

Singapore’s Changi Airport has been awarded the World’s best Airport in 2014 for the second year in a row. Several categories like service, check-in, transfer, shopping, and security have been evaluated by passengers.

The reasons why this airport is superior are obvious!14902262026_caaf89f431_oChangi Airport stands out with its open and spacious architecture. High ceilings and huge glass walls give the traveller a feeling of being outside. Also, Changi Airport impresses with its amazing facilities that make a stopover for travelers more pleasant and enjoyable.2240468936_1a4ce67019_bYou might believe it or not: there is a butterfly garden with a 6 meter high waterfall, a koi pond, a Balinese-themed outdoor rooftop pool,  a gym with rain showers and a hotel at the airport.7350945680_226b2f1100_k7307103420_9cc630c559_k5763877233_3bafa2a3d3_o12283916763_ec2dffca7e_o Kopie Travelers are caught in planes for hours, Changi Airport offers the opportunity to escape into nature for a while – Changi Airport has five gardens, including a rooftop sunflower garden.219971759_60c0990a2a_bIn terminal 3, the “Green Wall”, a 14 meters high and 300 meters long lush vertical garden, is one of the main attractions. More than 10.000 plants and 25 different species of climber plants grow there. An intelligent lightning system at the ceiling ensures that natural daylight comes in and the tropical heat stays outside which is another major point for passenger comfort.2238682204_ff4e3df8e3_oAfter all these fantastic amenities, it is no surprise that Changi Airport is equipped with several Wellness Spas which offer tailor-made treatments like Oxygen Treatments for passengers who suffer from headache or cramps.

Even entertainment for kids is provided during a seemingly endless stopover at Singapore Airport. A four-story slide, two movie theaters and a children’s playground can be found in the terminal to make a long stopover more pleasant and fun for kids.

To ensure a maximum level of passenger satisfaction, free Internet terminals are scattered throughout the airport and passengers can lock their phones in free phone charging stations.Singapore Airport Loves You5045203976_f13eb41387_o

 Enjoy a layover at this extraordinary airport during your next trip to Asia or Australia. Find your flight tickets on paperflies.com and start your adventure!

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Juliane Kirchner

Marketing Intern at PaperFlies. Just moved to Amsterdam. Loves the Nordic countries and enjoys wakeboarding in summer.

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