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Hotel Booking Made Simple |PaperFlies

June 15, 2015
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We are delighted to announce that PaperFlies Hotel Search feature is now online! This tool gives you the overview of the fragmented hotel market. Within a few seconds you can compare hundreds of hotels and hotel booking sites at once, and see where your hotel is cheapest.

Nowadays, many people book their hotel online, likewise their flight. Due to some changes in the hotel market, it is not always cheaper to book via hotel booking sites anymore. In contrast, it might be cheaper to book directly through the hotel.

In the past, hotel booking sites were allowed to make agreements with hotels, which entitled them to charge the lowest price and best availability. Recently, a number of governments have made this illegal. Therefore, booking your stay immediately via the hotel might turn out to be less pricey. This significantly complicates searching for hotels and planning your trip. That being the case, PaperFlies launched an independent search tool that compares offers of hotel booking sites as well as hotels. In this way, you are sure of finding the cheapest hotel on the best conditions! By doing so, we continue to fulfil our mission of making the planning of your trip convenient and fun again.

Why PaperFlies Hotel Search Tool is Better  hotel search, booking, paperflies

  • Cheapest : we compare hundreds of hotel booking sites and also hotels themselves. In other words, we take a helicopter view of all hotels.
  • Extended criteria: in order to help you in a fast and personal way, we have an extended set of search criteria (or filters) — price, trip advisor rating, facilities, number of stars, type of hotel and distance to the centre.
  • Clear overview/visualisation: we provide a clear-cut map next to the search results, which shows you the locations of the hotels in the map. This map will help you find out whether or not the hotel is located in your preferred area.
  • Transparency: certainly, it is not only the price that matters. You also want to have the best quality. According to the trend, many travellers nowadays greatly rely on the reviews of fellow tourists. Therefore, we incorporated the TripAdvisor ratings in the search results.

Try out our new Hotel Search function now!

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Nijad Nazarli

Country Manager for Russia at PaperFlies. Studying Tourism Management in Amsterdam. Loves football.

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