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Inspiration series #1

November 30, 2014

Food and travel

When you need a holiday but you don’t know where to go where do you find inspiration? I want to help our guests answer this question. I have travelled myself a fair bit and I know where I would look but what I want, can’t be exactly what you want, and where I want to go, won’t be where you want to go. So this will be an introduction about the process I went through to find my way in choosing what was right for my travel decisions. Are you one to lie on a beach or go on adventure? Are you one to relax in a hotel or hike up a mountain? Everything has to be up to you.

I’m always the eating kind who loves to discover new places. I’m a food fanatic and I choose food. Whenever I travel I am not only discovering the food, I’m also discovering the culture that goes with it. Learning to eat naan in India with one hand, eating tapas in Spain late at night, eating a Full-English with a cup of tea in the morning, are all examples of culture that surrounds food. Living in The Netherlands I’d like to get away from the bad weather. Ok, pretty much most places south. This is where I usually get a bit stuck. My foolproof method is to make a list of where I have already been to get a general idea of countries I still have to visit.

This could miss places to go but you could just put a mark next to the large ones or ones you know you would like to revisit. One site I love is http://www.scratchmap.org/ where you can buy different kinds of scratch maps (portable and more detailed maps) or a travelogue to keep track of your travels. It is also possible to visit a site such as http://www.traveltip.org/ to check country names and have it automatically generate a map that tells you percentages of where you have been.


Asia:5 16.13%
Africa:3 5.36%
Europe:16 33.33%
Middle East:2 9.52%
North America:1 25%
Pacific:1 5%
Total Visited:28 12.96%

Looking at my percentages and the map I see I am missing South America, Africa, whilst I have covered a lot of Europe and a decent bit of Asia. Already from taking this perspective I know that my options would be probably Thailand, South America or Africa. I am very familiar with Asian cuisine and somewhat familiar with African cuisine so I decide for South America. Although I don’t have a clear answer I do a little research on traditional food and end up with Argentina to experience the various types of meat.

Asado here I come..

I hope this article helps at least one person with narrowing down destinations for themselves.

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Jo-Yin Ho

Marketing Manager UK, PaperFlies. Passion for playing music, cooking and travelling.

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