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Meet the world’s best paper airplane builder

November 24, 2014
Luca with his paper airplane

Boeing is able to build a Boeing-777 in only 50 days with a large team of engineers. Luca Iaconi-Stewart can build one on his own, but it takes him 5 years. Luca is one of the best paper airplane makers in the world. His 1:60-scale jetliner is made out of travel folders and bits of glue but is almost as complicated as building the real deal, even the landing gear is retractable!

You need a lot of patience to build an airplane model like this. Luca devoted his entire summer just to the seats (it takes 20 minutes for an economy seat and 4-6 hours for a business class seat, and 8 hours for first class!). He designed and created the engines in about a month and assembled them in only four. The tail he had to rebuilt three times before it was perfect.

The idea for the project grew out of his love of architecture and airplanes. Luca found a super-detailed diagram of an Air India 777-300 online.  “There’s something rewarding about being able to replicate a part in such an unconventional medium,” he says.

Paper airplane back model

Side paper airplane model Luca

The project is almost done now and probably right after this one he will start building an even bigger model. He rather than me! Good luck Luca!

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