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New feature: Travel by theme

December 10, 2014
flight search themes

After a ton of very hard work, and lots of debates and decisions, we are excited to share with you: our brand new travel by theme feature. This feature has been worked on by the entire company. Every programmer, every designer, every marketing person, basically just every team member was involved in building the product (yes even our helpdesk).

It’s an important next step for PaperFlies, it’s our third main flight search product. By launching this we came one step closer again to becoming the most complete flight (meta)search engine of the web.

There are several reasons why we created this product:
– For people who want to get inspired.
– For people who need some help with picking a travel destination.
– For people who want to easily compare a set of different destinations based on price.
– For people who like a certain type of holiday.
– For the people who’ve been missing this tool the last several years!

Let me elaborate. At PaperFlies we believe that flight search is lagging behind (see this recent article I wrote). Yes, search engines are improving year after year, but no new flight search products are being introduced to the market. Even though there are many other ways to find your preferred flight. It’s not about the flight itself, it’s about how you find the flight. We offer different kind of flight search products for people with different kind of needs.

This new feature is created for people who want to get inspired! People that have no specific destination in mind (or only a type of holiday). Just pick a theme that you think is attractive and see where you can go, and for what price.
Let me give an example; We know that many people like to go on citytrips. The majority of these people often have a specific date in mind but not a specific destination. There are always more options, it’s rarely just one. Rome, Lisbon, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam… It’s not an easy choice. With our new tool you can easily compare all these city’s in just one search query and quickly find the cheapest price. It’s not necessary anymore to open 5 or more tabs to check all these destinations separately.

Our new ‘travel by theme’ tool is designed for people who want to get inspired.

To make it even better, besides picking one of our travel themes you can also create your own! Just let us know your departure airport, the dates you want to fly and a set of destinations you think are cool. Just a few seconds later you will have your results. We think it’s a great way to personalize flight search.

Citytrip Europe Flights


PaperFlies flight search products
We currently offer three flight products at PaperFlies.com: Our traditional (meta)search engine, our travel deals (currently only available on the Dutch website) and the new “travel by themes” feature. We can already tell you that we have a lot more ideas to improve our flight products over the coming period. We can also already tell you that we are currently working on a powerful hotel (meta)search engine behind the scenes. Keep an eye on our website if you are interested, the product might be launched sooner than you think!

Try our “travel by theme” feature today
We would like to invite you to check it out. Have a look at our website every once in a while because this new feature is only getting better.


Bob Stolk

Dutchie & Co-founder of PaperFlies. Loves coffee more than Tea, and enjoys surfing in Fiji every once in a while.

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