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Top 10 World’s Most Stunning Deserts

April 24, 2015
salar de uyuni, bolivia, salt lake, desert, dry

Often disregarded by many travellers, deserts are a natural, yet very mysterious beauty our planet is rich with. Needless to say, deserts are associated with drought, hot temperatures and sweltering sun. Chances are, that these circumstances are stopping the tourists from visiting them. Nevertheless, deserts are certainly a must-visit for any types of tourists. In […]

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Fastest flight search on the web

April 21, 2015

PaperFlies is a continuously growing startup that spurs innovation. We are aiming for the provision of a transparent and customer-friendly website and therefore we have redesigned our flight search function. A search request will be faster, clearer and more accurate than ever! Check out the 5 major flight search improvements: 1. Updated price graphs We have […]

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Top 10 majestic castles around the world

April 17, 2015
castle, impressive, architecture

There are multiple spectacular castles around the world that simply take spectator’s breath away. Selecting the top 10 list of these stunning pieces of architecture pushed me into perplexity, for there are merely countless dazzling castles around the globe. Therefore, opinions may extremely differ on that. In any case, below I am presenting you my […]

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