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The Top 5 stupendous Volcano’s around the World

January 8, 2015

Bored of spending your entire vacation at the beach or in crowded cities? Get out in nature and climb a volcano! This will be a truly amazing experience you will never forget. Grab your hiking boots and sports gear and start your hike to the top.

1. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

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Snow in Africa? This sounds quite contradicting, but the snow on the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania braves the African heat. It is a majestic scene how this volcano towers in the Savanna where giraffes and elephants are tracing their paths. Who doesn’t want to see this beautiful panorama with their own eyes?

2. Yellowstone, USA

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The Yellowstone volcano is probably the most colorful volcano on this planet. It features not only an ocher, yellow, green and blue crater, but also countless thermal springs, geysers and mud pots. Get to visit Yellowstone National Park and enjoy its stunning nature.

3. Mount Bromo & Mount Semeru, Indonesia


Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru belong to the Tengger massif, part of a volcano chain in East Java. Watching the sunrise behind the volcano’s craters is undoubtedly the highlight of a hiking trip to the Mount Penanjakan viewing point. The strikingly beautiful sunrise will surely compensate you for the exhausting hike and you will find yourself in a surreal moonscape scenery.

4. Santorini, Greece

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Widely known for its picturesque white houses and their blue cupolas, Santorini has much more to offer than just charming little houses. Santorini’s island panorama is impressive as the top of the volcanic cone still towers over the water surface. From the highest point of the cliff (300m above sea level), you will have a spectacular view on the lagoon. This view is particularly amazing if the sun goes down in the Aegean Sea.

5. Mount Fuji,  Japan

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Mount Fuji, what a beauty! Like the Eiffel Tour in Paris, Mount Fuji is a must see for every traveler in Japan. This almost perfectly shaped volcano is a cultural and spiritual symbol of Japan and is the most visited tourist attraction for both foreign and Japanese tourists. Especially in spring when the sakura, the Japanese cherry blossoms start to bloom Mount Fuji becomes an even more magnificent place.

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