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The World’s Top 10 Longest Flights

May 15, 2015
american airlines, usa, longest flights

Flying frequently for about 6 hours urged me to thank my lucky stars, as there are passengers flying over 14 hours to get to intended destinations. In this article, you will find the longest non-stop flights in the world with at least 14 hours of flying time.

10. Guangzhou (CHI) – New York (USA)china southern, aircraft, longest flights

Flight is operated by China Southern Airlines and takes about 14 hours and 17 minutes.

9. New York (USA) – Hong Kong (CHI)cathay pacific, aircraft, longest flights

This flight is executed by Cathay Pacific and takes roughly 14 hours 39 minutes.

8. Hong Kong (CHI) – Toronto (CAN)toronto, canada, night city

These flights are carried out by both Cathay Pacific and Air Canada and last slightly less than 15 hours – 14 hours and 50 minutes.

7. Dubai (UAE) – Los Angeles (USA)emirates, airways, aircraft

Flight operated by illustrious Emirates Airlines lasts precisely 15 hours.

6. Dallas (USA) – Hong Kong (CHI)hong kong, china, aerial view

The flight from Dallas to Hong Kong operated by American Airlines takes 15 hours and 8 minutes.

5. Los Angeles (USA) – Melbourne (AUS)melbourne, australia, city view

Flight fromLos Angeles to Melbourne is carried out by Qantas Airlines and lasts 15 hours and 30 minutes.

4. Doha (QAT) –  Houston (USA)qatar airways, qatar, houston

Qatar Airways will take you from Qatar to Houston in around 15 hours and 47 minutes.

3. Dallas (USA) – Sydney (AUS)

qantas, longest flights, aircraft

Flight performed by Qantas will transport you from Dallas to Sydney in exactly 16 hours. Well, at least you will get to fly in Airbus A380.

2. Dubai (UAE) – Houston (USA)dubai, uae, aerial vew

Houston, we’ve got a problem. We need to fly for 16 hours and 19 minutes. I repeat: 16 hours and 19 minutes.

1. Johannesburg (RSA) – Atlanta (USA)atlanta, usa, night city

The longest flight in the world is operated by Delta Airlines and takes 16 hours 35 minutes.

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