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Top 10 World’s Most Stunning Deserts

April 24, 2015
salar de uyuni, bolivia, salt lake, desert, dry

Often disregarded by many travellers, deserts are a natural, yet very mysterious beauty our planet is rich with. Needless to say, deserts are associated with drought, hot temperatures and sweltering sun. Chances are, that these circumstances are stopping the tourists from visiting them. Nevertheless, deserts are certainly a must-visit for any types of tourists. In this article, we present you top 10 World’s most spectacular deserts based on the size, colour and geographical location.

10. Patagonian Desert, Argentina
patagonia, desert, dry, argentina
9. Namib, Namibianamib, desert, namibia, africa, dry
 8. Atacama, Chileatacama, desert, chile, dry
7. Great Victoria Desert, Australiagreat victoria desert, australia, desert, dry
6. Arabian Desert, Arabian Peninsula
arabian desert, arabian peninsula, day, desert, dry

Arabian Desert during the day

arabian desert, night, arabian peninsula, desert, dry

Arabian Desert at night

5. Sahara Desert, North Africasahara, desert, north africa, largest, dry
4. Gobi Desert, Central Asiagobi, desert, asia, dry
3. Salar de Uyuni, Boliviasalar de uyuni, bolivia, salt lake, desert, dry
2. Antarctic Desert, Antarcticaantarctica, antarctic. desert, dry, snow
1. Death Valley, USA

death valley, desert, usa, dry

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