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We’ve got a winner!

March 27, 2015

We have selected the winning photo of our  Instagram #paperfliesinspired photo contest! The winner photo is a surfer picture taken at Venice Beach, California. The PaperFlies team loves the picture because of its pureness and the great composition with the surfer passing by.

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The PaperFlies team was curious about the story behind the picture. So, we asked the winner @andresdelange some questions…

We are sure that there is a story behind the photo, would you like to share it with us?

The image was shot on a beautiful afternoon last October 2014 at Venice Beach, California. Me and my wife Joyce were walking along the beach enjoying the beautiful sunset. I decided to sit down to enjoy the moment. Suddenly this surfer passed by and the light was just beautiful. I quickly grabbed my phone to capture this situation. I really like the silhouette of the surfer and the beam of sunlight on the right. On the other hand, the light on the pier is soft and warm.

Why did you travel to the U.S. West Coast? Round trip, city trip, etc.?

The U.S. is our favorite destination. We’ve been to a lot of different destinations and love the variety of the country. We (On a hazy morning) are a travel and lifestyle photographer and blogger duo and love to take pictures during our travels. On this trip, we visited San Fransisco, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs and we drove along Highway 1. It was a great combination of cities and nature.

Why is this your favorite travel pic?

I love this picture because it was a spontaneous moment so I had to act quickly, but the result is great. It’s also a good reminder of that moment while I was enjoying the beautiful light at this stunning location along the Pacific Ocean.

Is it a snapshot?

I took this picture with my good old iPhone 4s.

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Juliane Kirchner

Marketing Intern at PaperFlies. Just moved to Amsterdam. Loves the Nordic countries and enjoys wakeboarding in summer.

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